Begin your journey at the IBA Annual Conference Mexico City 2024 with Von Wobeser y Sierra, situated in the pulsating heart of Mexico.


Why Punto Cero?

Inspired by the Maya legacy and their innovative concept of the number zero, a symbol of beginning and endless possibilities, Punto Cero is your gateway to an experience that is both professionally enriching and culturally profound.

This platform is your starting point for exploring the best of Mexico City: encompassing recommendations for accommodations to cultural highlights and networking opportunities with peers.

Everything you need to know and experience is just a click away. Prepare for a transformative conference with Punto Cero, where every detail is designed to enrich your visit and your professional network.

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Dive into Mexican culture with “Mexico through our voices.” Our partners star in a series of videos that capture the traditions, art, and history defining Mexico City. Be guided by voices deeply familiar with its essence and legacy, and explore the capital through stories rich in expertise and passion.

What is Punto Cero and how does it enrich your experience in Mexico City during the IBA Annual Conference 2024?

Attending the conference*

The IBA Annual Conference 2024 will be hosted in Mexico City, a central hub linking North and South America. Known for its expansive natural landscapes and vibrant cultural mosaic, Mexico is a key economic force within the Americas, marked by its robust economic status and diverse demographic composition.


Centro Citibanamex

Av. del Conscripto 311, Lomas de Sotelo, Hipódromo de las Américas, Miguel Hidalgo,

* Information adapted from the International Bar Association’s official page on the IBA Annual Conference Mexico City 2024. For more details, please visit their website.

What will IBA Annual Conference Mexico City 2024 offer you?

The event will gather over 5,000 attendees, including representatives from approximately 2,700 legal, corporate, and government entities from over 130 different jurisdictions.

Engage with renowned leaders and specialists from various legal practices and regions worldwide, offering a rich exchange of knowledge and perspectives.

Capitalize on the event to forge new professional connections and explore potential business avenues within the global legal community.

Consolidate a wide array of legal contacts in a single, convenient location, facilitating cost-effective business interactions.

During your stay


Restaurants & nightlife

Museums, historic sites & natural landmarks

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